Saturday, June 7, 2014

Caffeine: Love or Hate? @ The Art Store aka Commercial Art Supply, Syracuse NY June 6 2014

The Art Store
935 Erie Blvd. East
Syracuse NY 13210

Barre Hunt O'Neill, and our cover picture choice.

Sidenote: I made the pix of the artworks before the labels were done so pardon the lack of credits, will make a return visit to amend that. Long week. 

So, this story begins in either March or April, both of which were a blur, but one firm recollection was Leslie Barnett from The Art Store aka Commercial Art Supply mentioning that she had a massive show of artwork coming in that was all about coffee. And that she would not object to my coming by to play on the day it was to be hung. 

Fifty-four works in all were submitted and we were finally ready to roll with it on Wednesday afternoon. I was assigned my shotgun rider gal Ashley Marie from the counter crew to decide where things would look best whilst I held them up to the wall and here's a look at what we made of it all.

The fun piece! made of humongous pieces of that waxy cardboard they make milk cartons from. The artist had prepared a roadmap of how to use her custom colored pushpins and I think we got them all pretty much dead on.

Joan Applebaum

Deda Purdy

Deda Purdy

Deda Purdy

Cayetano Valenzuela

Emily Bender

Thomas Badman

Rob Petrie

Eva M. Hunter

Took mom down to see! Helping her get ideas for presentation solutions for her own show coming up in January 2015.


And opening night, Friday June 6th. 

Deda Purdy

Upon realization that's a me.

And you know, that's pretty much what I look like for the first 90 minutes of any given day. Worse even, hoping to trade for it if our respective pieces don't end up selling.

With artist Barre Hunt O'Neill!

With artist Deda Purdy!

PUNKS! Awesome picture  ;>



DONE! That ruled.

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