Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tough Love: Catherine Wright @ The OnCenter, Syracuse NY Saturday June 21, 2014

Sister-artist Catherine Wright from the Utica contingent will be bringing her One-Woman performance art experience called "Tough Love" to the Syracuse OnCenter on Saturday June 21st for its premiere evening. You seriously do NOT want to miss this: ArtCat was part of the cosmic "Thirteen Directions" event from summer 2013 at BC Restaurant in Syracuse and her end-of-evening performance was nothing short of electrifying.

Catherine in rehearsal at Sculpture Space, Inc. in Utica NY, with tubular forms by Anssi Taulu.

ArtCat working the crowd at Project-U's "Love Me Do" event from February.

Here is a link to the public Facebook event page for the evening with admission info and driving directions. And seriously I do not know what to tell you to expect, other than something spiritual, vital, alive, of the moment, likely involving audience participation, and unlike anything you have ever experienced. Hope to see you there!

Or click here to visit Catherine's web blog with examples of her physical artwork & samplings from previous performance events.

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