Saturday, May 24, 2014

Maria Rizzo & Kristina Starowitz @ The Art Store, Syracuse NY May 22 2014

Kept mom busy on Thursday! and bless her heart she had no clue as to why I wanted to go to The Art Store aka Commercial Art Supply and went in hot to shop for materials. Goooooo Flora!

(Picture courtesy of The Art Store.)

Ladies!  ;D Kristina and Maria with their impeccably curated show in The Art Store's upstairs gallery space. Backstory on these two is that Maria was one of the Syracuse area painters who helped coax me out of my shell in the glorious spring/summer of 2012. Was inspired by the precision of her painting and the sheer professionalism of her approach to being an artist. Maria also served as Artist In Residence & Curator at favored Syracuse venue The Tech Garden for 2013 and was kind enough to include me in a couple of her group exhibits  ;D

Kristina was one of the talents running the nearby Westcott Community Gallery in Syracuse and we encountered each other at one of their exhibits. And it turned out that I'd been studying her paintings all along while volunteering at a shopping mall art gallery in Dewitt, NY. Kristina returned the compliment by attending some of my shows and we've kept in touch as she assumed the role of Artist In Residence & Curator at The Tech Garden for 2014. It's all about who you know, and when!

Maria Rizzo's impeccable card design with a favorite of her tree series.

With my new friend Mel! A musician & artist who was there shopping for a sketchbook when we stopped by. Made the unmistakeable universal hand-signal for "I love the blue hair!" and we've been besties ever since. Best karma on the career in England, my dear!

Kristina Starowitz

Kristina Starowitz

Kristina Starowitz

Kristina Starowitz

Kristina Starowitz

Archival prints by Kristina Starowitz.

Mom's probably saying "He does this all the time ..." With charcoal drawings by Kristina Starowitz.

And paintings by Maria Rizzo. I was actually hosting the BC reception while this event was in prime force but with a couple babes like this onhand you got a party whenever. Yo!

Maria Rizzo

Maria Rizzo

Maria Rizzo

Maria Rizzo

Archival prints by Maria Rizzo.

Maria Rizzo

Maria Rizzo

Commercial Art Supply, Syracuse NY.

Turned around to show something to Flora and there she is shopping pastel pencils. That's mom! focused on her artmaking and she told me this was her first shopping trip for supplies since the mid 1980s. Stood back and let her rip.

The ladies from the Art Store preparing surfaces for a class using a mouth-watering assortment of Golden's acrylic mediums.

Lost my trusty Princeton #8 short handled filbert brush and at a loss as to which series it was from!

Princeton 4250 series liner brushes, my preferred weapon for detail work.

Ampersand boards! My heart was filled with glee that she'd wanted some of these instead of canvas.

Mom impressed by the wide range of Golden's products carried by The Art Store. I think she finally understands that "Those Goldens you go to visit" and the Golden's paints are the same people.

Mmm-hmm, Golden's High Flow acrylics. She wants some, will look into wrangling a sampler pack.

Impromptu demonstration of Golden's new QoR Watercolors line.

Yeah she knows. We want some.

Info sheet, use the link below to learn more.

... I want this.

Neo Color II Caran d'Ache water soluble crayons & pencils. To be honest most of my color these days is coming from Caran d'Ache with gel medium or better yet Clear Gel Tar as a fixing/mixing compound. A good tube of acrylic red will run you about $8 - $11, but a red Caran d'Ache crayon is $2.97.



The Art Store's ever patient staff indicating it was time to go home.

OMG I love my job. With artist/musician Caitlin McCaulife!

WHAT. With artist Cayetano Valenzuela.

YAY! with artist Kathryn Petrillo.

ARRRR. With Davin, a local music promoter & bon vivante. 

TEE-HEE. With my Art Store hugs supervisor, Leslie Barnett. Looking forward to working with Leslie on a June exhibit of artwork at their gallery exploring our cultural love/hate relationship with caffeine.

HEY! Angelic hat hair, with The Art Store's resident artist & my shotgun rider gal Ashley Marie.

OH! With artist Maria Rizzo, and as I like to say a guy can do worse than ending up in a picture with Maria Rizzo  <3

SMOOCH! With artist Kristina Starowitz, expect to hear more about this gal  ;>

Ladies!  ;D

GOODIEFEST. We got Golden's Carbon Black and Regular Gel (Gloss), some Ampersand boards (I get the Gessoboard) and Derwent ColorSoft pastel pencils ... Plus handouts on the Max Ginsburg show, Golden's High-Flow acrylics, and the 6x6x2014 at Rochester Contemporary Arts that I'm part of, opening Saturday June 7th. Hope to see you there!

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