Friday, May 23, 2014

Max Ginsburg: The Realities of Our Times @ ArtRage / Norton Putter Gallery, Syracuse NY May 22 2014

Artist Flora Nyland at the ArtRage / Norton Putter Gallery on Hawley Ave., Syracuse NY.

Busy day on Thursday! in a busy week, would have stayed home for the bulk of it if my own mom hadn't asked last week if I could take her to the ArtRage gallery on Syracuse's near north side to see an exhibit of paintings by Max Ginsburg, a name she remembered from her own post-graduate studies at Syracuse during the late 1950s. Ginsburg had been a paintings student at SU and apparently left quite a legacy for himself. All I can say is GOOD CALL MOM! Got to see some truly significant artworks with social politics as the central theme but the artistry of the painting beyond my comprehension. This was like going to a Giotto show.

ArtRage / The Norton Putter Gallery
505 Hawley Ave, Syracuse NY

"Foreclosure", courtesy of the ArtRage website.

My eye went right to that glowing afternoon sun in the far corner. What the heck??

Glorious! Stupendous effort, will try to find a better image with a head-on view. This was worth getting out of the house to see.

I want her phone number. What a painting!

UPDATE! Here's a scan of "Bus Stop" as reproduced on ArtRage's pamphlet for the show. Doesn't do the scale of the work justice! though noting can. Which is why I was so grateful to mom for asking me to take her to see this exhibit; On my own I would have stayed at home.

YES. Amazing.

Flora channeling 1958, when she first encountered Ginsberg's work as a student at Syracuse University.

The patron of Ginsburg's who brought his work to the attention of ArtRage.


Local press on the exhibit from the Syracuse Post-Standard & Syracuse New Times.

Excellent! Good call mom.

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