Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ignite the Spirit: 20 Women Artists @ The Tech Garden, Syracuse NY May 1 2014

One of Syracuse's most important venues for the visual arts! A key reason being the curators' commitment to showing local artists including many either just getting their start or breaking through into that more professional realm of exhibiting. Which has certainly been my case! Have taken part in a number of exhibits at The Galleries, as they are called, and always make a point to go see what there is to see.

The Tech Garden
235 Harrison St.
Syracuse, NY

Show poster with an eye popping painting by Deborah Walsh.

Artist Karmin Schafer Hansen! with her marvelous shed paintings that were featured in the "Thirteen Directions" show I organized last summer at BC Restaurant in Syracuse.

Karmin Schafer Hansen

Mary Fragapane

Susan Biel

Kristina Starowitz! another pal from the scene who currently serves as the Tech Garden's curator & Artist in Residence.

Kristina Starowitz

My friend Maria Rizzo! whose work can be found on previous entries from this blog  ;]  
Maria also served as the Artist in Residence at Tech Garden during 2013.

Maria Rizzo

Clare Wilson

Clare Wilson, and this may have been my favorite thing in the whole huge show.
<3 it!!!

Deborah Walsh

Nicole Banta

Nicole Banta

Christy Lemp

Ellen Haffar, incredible drawing with so much depth to it ... If I heard correctly Ellen had been curator Kristina Starowitz's art teacher in high school, and I can see the influence.

Ellen Haffar

Crystal Godfrey LaPoint

Crystal Godfrey LaPoint

Jackie Adamo, a favorite painter from the scene.

Barbara Conte Gaugel

Barbara Conte Gaugel

Joan Applebaum

Joan Applebaum, and a tough contender with that brass pelican for Best of Show on my list.

Judith Hand, and apologies for missing her info sheet!

... kind of ... Anyway, Judith Hand, whose work I've encountered before, trying to place it.

Patricia Elliot Seitz

Patricia Elliot Seitz

Suzanne Masters

Suzanne Masters

Wendy Harris, the artist who taught me about underpainting. She was right!

Curator Kristina with artist Joan Applebaum & some of the ladies at the exhibit's closing reception.



Why do I always seem to end up grocery shopping after Tech Garden receptions ...

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