Thursday, May 22, 2014

Doreen Simmons & Holly K. Austin @ BC Restaurant Syracuse NY, May 22 2014

Back to BC Restaurant in Syracuse again, this time for the smashing, jam-packed and very professionally exciting reception for the BC Gallery's May exhibit of artworks by Syracuse area talents Doreen Simmons (paintings) and Holly K. Austin (prints and pastels). Both of whom work at the local law firm of Hancock Estarbrook, and those ladies filled that space with legal professionals who likely don't spend a lot of time in art-going scenes. And it ruled! I love stuff like this, hoping they come back for more and the ladies did a fabulous job of running this show from installation to reception. All I had to do was find a clean shirt and somewhere to park, really.

BC Restaurant
247 West Fayette St.
Syracuse NY 13202

As I like to say, if they weren't tearing up W. Fayette St. it wouldn't be time for another art show at BC. The city didn't disappoint, and three cheers to all those who braved it to turn out for the gig!

Setup on Saturday May 3rd, just before Creekfloat, and these ladies were prepared, knew what they wanted to see and had their show hung, labeled, lit and lovin' it in about 90 minutes flat. Nice!

Labels are important! and they had em ready to go.
Right to left: artists Holly K. Austin, Doreen Simmons, and Holly's husband Seth.

Holly K. Austin

Holly K. Austin

Doreen Simmons

Doreen Simmons

Doreen Simmons

Holly K. Austin, and my favorite from the show! Sadly reflections in the glass made getting decent pix of her work a task beyond my pocket camera, will see if she can share some examples for us.

From their notification card.
Left: Doreen Simmons
Right: Holly K. Austin

And again.
Left: Holly K. Austin
Right: Doreen Simmons

Just after setup on the 3rd ...

... and Showtime! on Thursday the 22nd. The ladies had a supremo turnout with many of their coworkers from the firm & other legal professionals. Best dressed crowd at a BC show to date hands down! and their staff did the usual phenomenal effort with food & house wines, with the ladies upping the ante on BC's catering for this event with grilled chicken tenders, broiled scallops wrapped in bacon, a pile of cheeses from around the globe, fresh cut local vegetables, chef-made dips and likely other delectables long devoured by the time I made my way to the hospitality tables. Those lawyers like to eat!


SyracuseGuru and Syracuse Public Arts Task Force.

Artist Doreen Simmons with one of her patrons, I believe.

Excellent picture!!!

Doreen again, with friend.

Holly K. and husband Seth.

Artists Doreen Simmons and Holly K. Austin! by their small works display up front.

Ladies!  ;D

Ohh, there we go. That's a keeper, let's work the metadata for keyword searches: 
Syracuse area artists Doreen Simmons, Steve Nyland, and Holly K. Austin during the ladies' reception at BC Restaurant in Syracuse NY, May 22 2014.

Excellent  ;]

With painter Zach Missoff! Dude ...

With Tyler! BC's restaurant manager.

With Mike! who posted a picture of my mom's painting on his blog, that's a Hoss.

YES! with Doreen Simmons.

With Seth! Grrr ... They must have just run out of the bacon wraps.

HOT! With Holly K., and that is one dang good looking focus-fail  ;]

Oh yes! With our Mystery Woman for the night, whom I observed documenting the proceedings in a most professional manner. Turns out it's Carrie! from H.E.'s marketing division, and another lunch to book pronto. This is fun!  ;D

With Meredith! ;>  Our hostess for the evening and at several other of the receptions they've provided for the artists. Always a pleasure!

Oh dear ... somebody'd had a long day. But this young lady never misses a BC reception and it was my pleasure to visit again!

YES! with Mackenzie, BC's bartender maestro. He knows how to reach me if you need anything!

And a last look at "The Drone Zone #2" over that glorious door until further notice. Nice.

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