Thursday, May 23, 2013

Project U "Art In Windows: Phase II" Group Meeting, May 22 2013 Utica NY

The stupendous display of Pratt / Munson Williams Proctor Institute student work installed by Project U artists Patrick Vedder and Jenna North, just incredible. It can be seen through at least the end of June on the west facing windows along Genesse St. at APAC Customer Services, 131 Genesse St. in Utica NY.

Now over to the Bleecker St. set of windows on the APAC center.

Left to right one of my own efforts, two paintings by Hamilton Center for the Arts colleague Timothy Rand, and a window space curated by Utica/Hamilton scene musician/artist Marc Tucci.

Marc specifically instructed him not to be credited for the artwork but that it was something he had arranged. I knew Marc had wanted to show some larger scaled work this time but had no idea this was what he'd had in mind.

That's gotta be a Tucci. Busted, Yo.

With "Door #1" from the Golden Artist Colors commission from December and "Travel Weary Capricorn" from the BC Restaurant show in April.

Syracuse painter Nate West's "Hospital Triptych" from the Tram Cafe's gallery show, still featuring works by the Project U artists with a heavy emphasis on Nate.

Nate West

Now over to the Black River Systems Company building adjacent to APAC at the corner of Genesse & Lafeyette, featuring a marvelous installation piece by Utica based arts & Utica College instructor John Paul Gardner.

J.P. Gardner

J.P. Gardner

J.P. Gardner

J.P. Gardner

Now at the Project U group meeting at The Dev, which I'd sort of not been looking forward to very much. The presence of two newish to the group faces with genuine experience in the business of art as a business and their enthusiasm for what we are trying to do was infectious. We now have solid guidance within the group for it's aspirations to be a not-for-profit from Utica based artist Tina Dillman and a outspokenly blunt advocate in Golden Artist Colors' resident Creative Disruptor Chris Farrell who's ready to kick down a door to found a short-term gallery in Utica as an experiment. Local nightclub owner Ronald Ingber won me over with the sincerity of his wish to hold an art exhibit featuring the work of artists either from the group or whom we can recommend. 

Project U founder Jenna North had an immediate lead on an exhibit for a fundraiser event at the Stanley Theater (count me in on that for sure!). Our windows exhibits at APAC, Black River Systems and the Macartovin Building are on schedule and have exceeded anybody's expectations including challenging content that spurred the group to discuss guidelines by which we can ensure that Project U decides whose and what artwork is featured in our displays. Nobody was silent and the best part was lingering around after for a beer (ice coffee here) with everyone and visiting as people. Not just hurried folks booking out of a meeting for a discussion group they take part in, but people who are now working hard together towards a shared goal of having a Project U headquarters. A place where we can say "This is who we are." Count me in on that too.

Artworks on display by Amanda DeSimone. And excellent!

Not sure what deal is going down here but it looks enjoyably shady -- Left to right Chris Farrell, Timothy Rand, Tony Thompson and Jenna North.

Photograph by painter Tim Rand, who asked for it specifically ... o:

With Project U founder Jenna North and our new action catalyst Tina Dillman, who had come to our meeting in January & been intrigued enough to come back. Tina will be adding some of her work to our APAC window displays next week and promised a site-specific freestanding installation with three dimensional sculptural works and I want to see it!!!  ;D

... Yeah OK, this is fun. I admit it. 
If your work isn't what you love then something isn't right.

Left to right, Golden's Chris Farrell, Syracuse based artist Steve Nyland, and Utica's own repurposed object art specialist, Mr. Tony Thompson.

Another painter!!! Send some pix my dear, and our next meeting is on June 22nd, 6pm at the Tram. 

"Flash Gordon in range, Cap'n."

Don't forget our reception! Saturday June 1st from 7pm to 9pm at The Dev, 41 Deveraux St. in downtown Utica, and I can now reveal it will feature a one night display of artworks by the Project U artists in the bar's gallery area. Hope to see you there!

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