Saturday, May 18, 2013


Home until Wednesday and allowing the pressure to ease off with my "Gilligan's Island" DVD box sets, with Season Three being the most surreal. It's all about applied idiocy, dropped coconuts, Mr. Howell's proclivity for putting a buzz on, and Mary Ann. And for the record it's still Mary Ann, it's always been Mary Ann, and it always will be Mary Ann.

Gilligan's Season Two dream sequence involving Mary Ann in a maid's costume, crates of round dimpled juicy oranges, and no fornication.  That's why Gilligan rulez: you gotta be made of sterner stuff to look the other way at such times.

Our story so far: Gilligan found a crate floating in the lagoon containing what appeared to be a moldable plastic compound that the Professor decided they could employ for all sorts of useful purposes. Including fillings for Gilligan's molars, though unfortunately it turned out to be a crate of experimental plastic explosives ...

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