Saturday, May 18, 2013

Art On The Porches Poster Commission, April/May 2013

Back in January following a new surge of zombie-oriented painting Syracuse based artist Elizabeth Andrews invited me to undertake a poster design for the annual Art On The Porches festival that her husband James Boylan serves as chair for and she sits on the planning committee for. They also more or less host the event on their Ruskin Ave. block in Syracuse's Strathmore district on the west side. 

Here's what I came up with.

Zombie's Trip To The Street Festival -- early concept sketch.

Zombies On Porches -- preliminary idea, though the planning committee had thumbsed-down the notion of a promotional poster with barfing zombies. But it did spur an idea ...

A colleague from the Hamilton art scene saw the motif I'd arrived at & suggested a similarity to the above image from Italian Renaissance painter Montefeltro.

The resultant followup image, painted on a piece of luan I'd had trimmed down to make backing boards for framing modules. Called it "Incident On Montefeltro Place" after the Italian artist. 

A second version done on an old scrap of firewood I'd thought about making into a carving board. Elizabeth was enthusiastic about the color palette for both. She instructed me to bring in more of the architecture forms from the Zombies On Porches painting, and allow for spaces to add text with informations on the event.

My initial solution, done by pasting Incident On Montefeltro Place onto a larger sheet of cardboard I had, then going to town on doing my own lettering on the remainder of the cardboard above. Which is funky & cool like maybe for a techno rave, but not what I'd been asked for and I knew it.

... So I made sure there was a 2nd piece of luan of the exact size that could fit over the cardboard at top like a support backing with a spare rendering of the architecture forms and space where text could then be added digitally after a suitable photograph had been imaged. This is what was chosen by Elizabeth for the final print.

The final result! My contribution was the painting. Layout and design was by Linden Andrews using a photograph by James Boylan, and Elizabeth Andrews guided the project and served as a liaison to the AoTP planning committee. So far the response has been positive and an effort is underway to put the image on t-shirts for the event volunteers, and as a limited edition print for sale.

Art On The Porches takes place this year on Saturday June 15 from 10am to 5pm, and you can find out more by visiting AoTPs Facebook page here:

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