Saturday, April 27, 2013

Metamorphosis: Vartan Poghosian @ Clayscapes Pottery, Syracuse NY April 26 2013

Clayscapes Pottery
1003 West Fayette St, Syracuse NY

My favorite of Vartan's beguiling creations from the show ... I wanted to bite it.

My colleagues from the "Three Currents" show, Tony Thompson & Nate West, along with Tony's fabulous mom Patti!

Nate and Alice!

Syracuse based painter Nate West and ceramist Vartan Poghosian, currently located in Utica NY.

Had to get a picture with Vartan! who paid us the compliment of going to see our BC show before it's opening. This was my first exposure to Vartan's work and I am eager to put something together with both of us in it at our first opportunity,

Nom nom nom nom nom ...

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