Monday, April 1, 2013

The Mayro Clinic Studio Warming: Jenna North and Patrick Vedder, Utica NY March 30 2013

With my bro Erick Florez of Freak Creative, who first brought my artwork to Utica in May of 2012 and now sits with me on the Project U Artist's Group as our marketing director.

My favorite of Jenna North's paintings on display for this event, and all I can say is that what I saw exceeded any possible expectations I may have had. Not bad at all, and from me that's saying something.

Right to left, Utica business leader Aaron Falzarano, sculptor Patrick Vedder, and painter Julie Angerosa, all of whom also sit with me on the Project U Artists Group.

Artist Jenna North, the creative force behind the installations & paintings from the event. Jenna also teaches studio arts at Munson Williams Proctor Institute and Pratt in Utica and shares the Chair with me of the Project U Artist's Group.

Sculptor Patrick Vedder's immaculate studio space.

Some of Jenna's backstock.

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