Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Drawn Digital, The Tech Garden, Syracuse NY March 28 2013

Changing of the guard: Incoming Tech Garden artist in residence & curator Maria Rizzo, with outgoing Tech Garden artist in residence & curator Ty Marshal. Ty leaves the Tech Garden now to pursue both his studio work and a second career as the managing director for Rarely Done Productions, who engaged me to paint a backdrop set for their staging of "Grey Gardens: The Musical" in March. Both close friends and colleagues, I look forward to covering more of Maria's Tech Garden exhibits and collaborating with both on art projects yet to be conceived. 

Mrs. Brani Andreev, the American Rupite!

Elephant artists Elizabeth Andrews and Mitzi Testani discuss Mitzi's marvelous print from her contribution to the exhibit.

My favorite!

Dan the Man with his glowing space shoes!

Ty and Derek on their way home to re-decorate. Rockin'!

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