Thursday, February 7, 2013

Steve Nyland and Ty Marshal, Opening Reception, Mohegan Manor Baldwinsville NY February 6 2013

Our venue -- Club Sushi at Mohegan Manor, 58 Oswego St. in Baldwinsville, NY

My date for the evening! Fellow artist Becca from the Baldwinsville area, and a new art buddy to go to receptions with. And be seen with, talked about, and scandalized by. I love it.

With the Mohegan Manor Galleries curator Linda Bigness, who invited me to take a shot at curating a show here as a guest spot. Done!

With Mohegan Manor event coordinator Laura! Awesome picture.

Elizabeth with Elizabeth!

With my photographer for the evening! Syracuse based artist Maria Rizzo, returning the favor from visiting many of her receptions. We're all a team  ;]

James and Becca, ready for the prom.

Becca with her steady, Mitch! who runs a hardware store & is delighted she has an art buddy to go to receptions with. Win/Win

The piece which sold during the reception & which I reluctantly allowed to be removed before the exhibit had run it's scheduled time.

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