Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Grey Gardens": Painting Backdrops For Rarely Done Productions, Syracuse NY February 2012

Back in January during the "Five" exhibition at the Tech Garden curator Ty Marshal made me an offer to paint backdrops for the theatrical company he serves as a managing director for, Rarely Done Productions. Intrigued partly due to my background in stage & theater -- I actually painted a set for a Town of Dewitt summer theater project in 1986 -- I could not say no, especially at the prospect of being paid for the work.

Turns out the play the sets would be for were "Grey Gardens: The Musical", an adaptation of the story of Big & Little Edie Beale and their crusty old mansion near East Hampton on Long Island. All I knew was that Ty had thought of my style when their production designer had indicated that one set would be a series of panels depicting a neglected weatherbeaten shingled wall.

Book your tickets at the link below! I'm going to the last performance on March 23.

At project completion with three of the four panels after a 32 hour painting marathon.

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