Sunday, April 12, 2015

Made In Paint @ The SAG Gallery & The Golden Foundation for the Arts, New Berlin NY April 11 2015

Still working up captions for this post -- I had to switch gears and focus on our show at The Tech Garden the day after this event & have been scrambling for time to catch up. Maybe check back Monday.

Gorgeous Eugenia Pardue with her knockout painting, which I kept coming back to over the course of the reception. Challenged my conceptions of what painting is, how they are made and what their function is. I think this one's function is to create shadowplays via the rippled forms making up the mass of gunk towards the top. It also looks like she worked a hundred hours on the thing and knew exactly what she wanted to see. That thing is alive too.

All the guys want a picture with Eugenia in front of her painting, my homeboy Chris Farrell from Golden's design team getting his turn here.

My date with Marilyn Monroe. Boy this was fun.

Lori Swartz


The hospitality center in the GAC lounge. I think I spent all of five minutes in here fetching a coffee. The rest was nonstop and it wasn't even my art on the walls. Huh.

With Stacey from Golden's tech support team! Finally got to visit for a bit, see her at all the functions down there & hadn't known what the story was. Now I do. 

Ruth Hiller

Seriously, one of my favorite shots from the whole evening. We're both King Crimson fans, and this is what happens to them.

With artist Ende O'Donohue, who flew in all the way from Berlin for the show and I didn't even have the common courtesy to stay over and get drunk with the guy. Next time.

With artist Laurie Larusso in front of her marvelous confection paintings. I asked for a pix and she agreed only if I'd be in it with her.

Then went ahead and snuck one anyway. I'm awful. 

Jessalyn Haggenjos, who was off doing another residency in Mexico.


Ali Miller

With artist Ali Miller, and we have quite a task here of picking just one of the three self-shots I was willing to limit myself to. This one's awesome ...

Oh my ... that's pretty nifty too ... this is difficult.

OK ... I give up.  Looks like we keep all three. Unsubscribe the blog if you got a problem with it, and thank you my dear!  ;>

With Mark Golden, and my hair matches that scarf and the tie. 

This was pretty cool: The Golden's know I am always driving down from god knows where and asked if I'd like to join their post-reception banquet at the residency barn, strap on the old feed bag before carting off. I agreed on the condition they seat me with Eugenia! HELL YEAH I'm there.

Dinner with Marilyn Monroe.


The table with the Irishmen, where I should have remained once dinner broke up until all those bottles were drained. Hadn't thought that potential out beforehand & will be making allowances for just such circumstance at further such opportunities.

My charming dinner companions, Eugenia and Pamela.

Ahh yes, my old space. Only had it for two days & it's like walking back into the old grocery store I used to work at. Makes me want to put an apron on and see if there's anything that needs attention.

The tubes machine patiently awaits its next victim ...

Barb Golden in her office with "Alien Skull" from the Hamilton Center for the Arts show in October. They took more more of them too, can't wait to see where it all ends up  ;D

Yeah. Pretty cool, Emma G.  ;]

Not sure how I got that, but its cool. 

Departing into the night after talking art & King Crimson under the stars for a few. I want more.

Loot pillaged on Saturday, most of it snitched during opportune moments while pretending to be straightening my tie -- Another good reason to wear one: Four show catalogs (one's for mom), a sealed bottle of wine nobody seemed very attached to (for company some day), a leftover show flyer for the studio wall, information on Victor's gallery down near Earlville to post up, a stack of brochures on the Golden Foundation's Artist in Residence program to keep handy at the Tech Garden, three of the Golden Artist Colors coffee cups offered up with dessert (one's for mom), and a kiss from Eugenia Pardue, which I'll have forever  ;]  Pretty fly!

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