Sunday, March 8, 2015

conversationexchange: Camille Chedda & Andres Montalvan Cueller @ MWPI/Pratt Gallery, Utica NY March 6 2015

Visiting artist show at the Pratt/Munson Williams Proctor Institute gallery. Don't know squat about the artists but was very glad to have taken a walk up the block from the apartment to see what there was to see. Let's take a look.

Superior painting! on a plastic bag too.

Now that is cool.


Seen "The Killing Fields"?


Whatever that is I approve. Reminds me of one of those baseball throwing things where it bounces the ball back to you, though artist Jenna North (who sat in on the artists talk while I was in my studio trying to stay warm) informed me it's a sieve for separating the wheat from the chaff. 

The only work from the show I didn't "like". Well-made and the social politics are pretty straight forward. Which is maybe why I didn't respond to it like the rest. Here's level 1 art dealing with ethnicity & race. The rest of the show is level two or above.

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