Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hangin' With The Dudes: Richelle Maki @ The Art Store, Syracuse NY April 25 2014

My first stop for art supplies is always The Art Store on Erie Blvd. in Syracuse NY, alternately known as Commercial Art Supply, the name I knew it as while an undergraduate at Syracuse University. I've enjoyed getting to know some of their excellent staff over the past year plus and was delighted to learn they had dedicated a segment of their space to serve as a gallery for a rotating crew of artists. While in line the other week I happened to glance at the action figure sized drawing dummies they sell and thought of Project-U group colleague Richelle Maki, who had been using them as a basis for resin casting experiments. 

As things worked out they had empty walls at that time and within 24 hours Richelle and I were working on a splendid little display of these creations along with some of her iPhone based photography prints. Here's a look, and be sure to visit The Art Store's website by clicking here to learn about their upcoming classes, demonstration days and specials.

Richelle with The Art Store's Leslie Barnett, curating it up.

Contact Richelle about her work at

Lunchwagon Gals


With artists Ken Nichols and Ray Trudell, great guys I got to know by way of my activities at the Delevan Center last spring.

Liverpool NY based painter Ken Nichols talking Golden's High Flow acrylics with the Art Store's manager, Leslie Barnett.

The store's resident artist Ashley Marie talking Williamsburg oils by Golden's with Syracuse area painter Domenico Gigante.





With the artist, one of the talented people I've gotten to know through the Project-U group in Utica.
And her shoes match the magic marker rack.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Anssi Taulu & Yusam Sung @ Sculpture Space, Inc., Utica NY March 2014

Sculpture Space, Inc.
12 Gates Street, Utica NY

One of my favorite Utica NY art scene discoveries over the past year has been the marvelous Sculpture Space, Inc. not-for-profit organization. Primary focus is a residency program where they host world class sculptors from across the globe to make use of their fabrication facilities and let their imaginations run wild. 

They dorm nearby in an apartment building and have 24 hour access to the studios, which are a spitting image of the Comart Building sculpture lab where I did much of my undergraduate work at Syracuse University. I like to say that walking into Sculpture Space was like walking back into Comart again, right down to that metallic smell & taste of a metals shop with welding tools. I always make a point to stop by and see what new ideas there are to purloin from the current residents and this pair were golden. First class work & fun, all you can ask for.

Anssi Taulu, and seriously, the damndest thing I'd ever seen in months. Marveled at it for a couple weeks while it took shape, not understanding just what it was nor caring one bit: It's a masterpiece, even just sitting there like this. I wanted to bounce it across the room.

Anssi Taulu, and the answer is it's a wasp nest form. 

Anssi Taulu

This seriously almost killed the fun cold -- Wasps are mean. Got stung more than once as a kid & have a natural inbred fear of them for some reason. Bees? no worries. They make honey too. But what do wasps do beside sting 8 year olds?

Anssi Taulu

Anssi Taulu

One nicked from Anssi's website, which you may visit
by clicking here. Incredible.

Performance artist Catherine Wright rehearsing at Sculpture Space in April 2014.

Next up Yusam Sung, who's work stunned my mind once I thought about how important it was for viewers to remove one of his pieces. The piece evolves outside of the artist's hand, truly a living work of art that must have taken weeks to complete. Months, if including the drawings.

Yusam Sung

The one I chose to remove.

Yusam Sung

Yusam Sung

Yusam Sung

Yusam Sung

Yusam Sung

Yusam Sung

Yusam Sung

Yusam Sung, and you may visit his website
by clicking here. Keep rockin it Yo!