Saturday, August 3, 2013

John Fitzimmons: Sky, Land, Light and Paint @ Hamilton Center for the Arts + New Artworks @ Broad Street Gallery, August 2013

Windmill research, on the drive out.

The artist with his incredible "Solvay" cityscape.

A schematic for the gallery's dimensions HCA director Kathy Herold had in her office. My solo show there will open Friday October 11th! 

Coming right along!

A rainbow awaiting on the walk downstairs to see the new artworks in our Broad Street Gallery co-op.

Left: Tony Thompson
Right: Mark Larsen

Christopher Cirillo

Elizabeth Cummings Monroe

Top: Victor Lenuzza, Steve Nyland
Bottom: Elizabeth Cummings Monroe, Molly MacBean

Catharine Westlake

Catharine Westlake

Kayla R. Cady

Christopher Cirillo

Mark Larsen

Hamilton at dusk.

Windmill rituals on the way home.

Cazenovia Lake

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