Monday, June 3, 2013

Project U Artists Group @ The Dev, Small Works Exhibit June 1 2013

Early view of the exhibit with a painting by Timothy Rand at center left.

I'd had Tim's painting at center with my by chance and Dawn had been running late after work, put up Tim's to temporarily fill the void.

The final view with Dawn Farrar's incredible self portrait.

Dawn Farrar

Richelle Maki

Julie Angerosa

Jennifer Krawiec

Jenna North

Jenna North

Adam Spiridilozzi

Steve Nyland

Tony Thompson

Tina Dillman

Top: Tony Thompson
Bottom: Tina Dillman

Part of Tony Thompson's insane bathroom painting at The Dev

Tony, with his portrait of tattoo artist Joe Grimm.

Timothy Rand by Tony Thompson


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