Monday, June 3, 2013

Project U Art In Windows Phase II Reception @ The Dev, Utica NY June 1 2013

The Dev
41 Devereux St.
Utica NY

Bar, restaurant, music venue and art gallery. Look em up on Facebook here:

The Dev at left, with Sauron's castle overseeing the hill.

Artist Tina Dillman with her chalk sign! one of MANY tasks she voluntarily undertook to help make this event happen, including organizing the group into shape, getting the work on the walls, and now providing us with experienced direction in establishing not-for-profit arts groups. 
Stick around, my dear!

Our audio architect Marc Tucci at left, providing vibez with help from painter Tim Rand.

With artist Julie Angerosa.

Many Utica/CNY arts scene luminaries in this one, off the top of my head (left to right) artists Catherine Wright, Timothy Rand, Jenna North, Monika Burzcyk, Tony Thompson, Dewitt Godfrey, Aaron Falzarano, and Julie Angerosa.

Utica's finest!

With artist Cathy Marsh, whose APAC center installation topped the marvelous cake that is Art In Windows Phase II.

Artists Tina Dillman and Dawn Farrar.

With Tina and Dawn! Yo.

Giving the Zombie Eye with sculptor Patrick Vedder.

Patrick, and friend.

Project U founder & co-chair Jenna North, sealing a deal for a painting by Jennifer Krawiec. We sold a total of five pieces off the wall during the three hour reception! Hot.


With Aaron Falzarano & Julie Angerosa.

Painter Jennifer Krawiec, discussing her marvelous piece from the Tram exhibit with Utica's own Tony Thompson

Artist Dawn Farrar! helping seal a deal for a super little figurative/lucite piece by Richelle Maki.

Utica based artists Jenna North, Tony Thompson, and Jen Rotundo Fanelli, sharing secrets.

With artists Cathy Marsh and Julie Angerosa.

Painter & MWPI instructor Julie Angerosa with her marvelous peacock painting, and it sold!

Rome based artist & teacher Dawn Farrar, with her self portrait and that knockout dress!

With Canestota NY based photographer - artist - designer Richelle Maki, and her husband Ed.

Clinton NY based painter Timothy Rand, doing exactly what I did: Snitching good ideas from Jenna North's two contributions to our small works exhibit. Good art leads to more art.

With The Dev's proprietor Tim Schram, whom I first met via the Downtown Utica Development Association meetings over the winter.

With artists Jenna North and Jennifer Krawiec.

Colgate painting professor Dewitt Godfrey -- whom I met first at painter Kara Rusch's Hamilton Center for the Arts show in April -- Sculpture Space, Inc.'s Monika Burczyk, and The Thing about to morph into a slime creature.

With my Hamilton arts scene colleague Dawn Farrar.

Utica's own Tony Thompson and Timothy Rand, looking spiffy as always for another art reception.

Artists Tony Thompson and Julie Angerosa.

Tony Thompson, Steve Nyland, and Dawn Farrar, all artists from the Broad Street Gallery in Hamilton NY, find out more at the HCA website linked here:

Mayhem on Varrick St. after ...

Artist Tony Thompson's ping pong paddle arsenal.

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