Saturday, June 30, 2012

"Susan #5", 1992 - 2012, status update.

The current state of "Susan #5", with my friend Jessi's pet boa Noodle now added to the composition.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Art By Nyland on Facebook, with current portfolio, links to video art projects and exhibition record:

Installation Views, CNY Artists Gallery Shoppingtown Mall, Dewitt June 29, 2012

Steve Nyland, Paintings & Drawings 1992 - 2012, Exhibit Walkthrough, June 29 2012

A quick tour of the installation at the CNY Artists Shoppingtown gallery, the work hangs through Saturday July 14, go take a look in person!

Catalog Portraits Take 2! CNY Artists Gallery Shoppingtown, June 29 2012

I like it! but blocking the sign.

Same, but I could live with either.

Wagner at Mac's Mad Art Bar Friday July 13, 9pm - 2am

Friday July 13 is also the night that rock/performance ensemble Wagner will be appearing at good old Mac's Mad Art Bar in Mattydale from 9pm until 2am close time (wow!). Fronted by fellow bar art enthusiast Dan Wagner, husband of painter Maria Rizzo, and I'm hoping to get at least a video out of it. Here is the event page for the show at Facebook including directions. Show up, be counted, and we'll have that beer at last.

Isaac Bidwell & Cayetano Valenzuela at Szozda Gallery, July 11 - August 12 2012

Fellow CNY Artists Gallery Shoppingtown and VersuS contributors Isaac Bidwell & Cayetano Valenzuela are having a show at the Szozda Gallery running from July 11 - August 5. Two formidablee artists from the scene I've been lucky to find myself a part of make this a must-see.

Opening reception Friday July 13 from 5 - 8pm, show up and be counted!

Video Interview With Artist Ron Warford, January 2012

Ron is one of the contributors at the CNY Artists Gallery in Shoppingtown Mall who inspired me most over my year as an assistant there. I jumped at the opportunity to do a video interview and record what the man has to say for posterity. One of Syracuse's hardest working artists and a hero of mine.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tech Garden Salon Show, January 26 2012

Here's a video I made with some clips taken during a marvelous opening reception for the Syracuse Tech Garden's group salon exhibition from January 2012, curated by Tech Garden artist in residence Ty Marshal.

CNY Artists Gallery Billboard Project, December 2011

One of the more interesting projects Peter Svoboda had be do for the gallery over the 2011 holiday season was to design an electronic billboard for display along route 690 in Syracuse. Here's some of the proof photos from the endeavor + a view of the finished product, which was live for all of 72 hours.

Resuscitating Abandoned Paintings, June 28 2012

Two paintings from previous eras which were abandoned after I realized I couldn't pull them together. Recently pulled from storage (along with much of the material in the Shoppingtown exhibition), I'm trying to rehabilitate them into shape. And using both as a way to coax some color back into my work: Starting in about 1995 I more or less ditched color after having been critiqued for being to reliant upon it for tone. Will update regularly as these evolve. Here's a look after a few days getting underway with both.

"Susan", originally 1992, acrylic on foam core, 36 x 48 inches.

No title yet, part of the Railroad Painting series from 1996, acrylic on wood panel, approx. 26 x 48 inches.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Drone Zone, Summer 2012, Syracuse NY

If you live in the east side Syracuse/Dewitt/Eastwood area it has been more or less impossible not to notice the increased presence of aircraft over the city as of late. Make no mistake: This is the USAF flight testing the MQ-9 Reaper drone over our homes, which I don't have a problem with so long as they stay up there.

Here's my running video log of the events I've been able to get on camera, beginning with a very startling low-level flyby of a military aircraft on May 5th while out on a stroll along East Colvin St. in my university area neighborhood. I started paying attention then and these flybys happen daily, they are cool as all hell & this playlist has a compilation of clips I managed to film. Your tax dollars at work!


Elizabeth Andrews Studio

Here's the website for one of my heroes from the CNY Artists Gallery Crew -- Elizabeth Andrews, who's line drawings, use of color and professional approach to being an artist have inspired me. Examples of her work abound, take a look at how a pro does it:

Shoppingtown gallery show now extended to SATURDAY JULY 14!

Go see it.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Catalog Portrait, Take One!

Posing at CNY Artists Gallery in Shoppingtown Mall, Dewitt NY,
proof shot for the show catalog.

The exhibition now runs through Saturday July 14 so go take a look!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Here's my page at the CNY Artists website, run in conjunction with the Shoppingtown gallery by owner/operator Peter Svoboda. My page there is not as well maintained as the Art By Nyland page on Facebook, in part because the website has such crummy interface.

Steve Nyland at CNY Artists Gallery Shoppingtown Mall, Dewitt NY

The exhibition runs through July 8, 2012.

Opening Reception Video by Robert Monell

My friend Bob Monell shot this unbroken 12 minute take of the artwork on display at the Shoppingtown gallery during our opening reception on Saturday June 23.

Steve Nyland Paintings & Drawings 1992 - 2012

The exhibition runs thru July 8 at Shoppingtown Mall in Dewitt.

Art By Nyland on Facebook

Art By Nyland on Facebook, with examples of current & past work including video and documentation of some of the art events I've participated in:

Steve Nyland at CNY Artists Gallery Shoppingtown Mall, Dewitt
The exhibition runs through July 8 and features work dating back to the early 1990s.