Friday, June 2, 2017

ALIEN (1979) Deleted/Unused Planetoid, Derelict, and Space Jockey Footage, June 2017 Update

Original Upload Notes:

Newly created composite of pretty much all the extant Planetoid, Derelict and Space Jockey footage from ALIEN I have at my disposal. Most of the footage seen here was taken from commonly available documentaries about how the film was made combined with sound elements sampled from the Theatrical Print. 

This update for June 2017 features *much* better HD picture quality, adds the “Cutscene” found on the 2003 SE DVD showing the away party entering the Derelict, introduces a few other shots I’d missed the first time through sampling from my source copies, re-works the audio with a somewhat richer “mix” (the synthesizer theme is from “Giger’s Alien”), and blends in a number of production still scans from my collection of ALIEN related media forms. 

Most of the clips are not “cut shots” but test footage, alternate angles, behind the scenes footage, and sequences which were never finished in post-production for the theatrical release. 99% of the footage showing the "finished movie" was also sourced from those documentaries cited: I avoided using the movie itself as much as possible, so this is not to be thought of as a reconstruction of the film.

 Be advised I took a bit of artistic liberty in looping/reversing/flipping a couple of favored sequences, including sound cues treated with effects filters -- Apologies to purists especially for getting Lambert "lost" there at the beginning ... Needed a way to explain why one person was wandering around alone & gave her the Last Word to make up for it.  Also please note that this compilation is **FAR** from definitive as I do not have access to the legendary workprint at this time. There is much more footage to find, and if you have any of it please drop me a line!

Finding the prior edit somewhat hollow I tried to complete a little story arc with this version by including the unused sequence of Ash helping bring in Kane’s stretcher, and the final shot of them blowing off Ripley while happily contaminating the ship & endangering all of human civilization. … And you know, it’s a good thing Dallas was OK with carrying that cumbersome looking climbing rig all the way there like a dumbass or the movie would have been over pretty quick. No wonder the Company picked his ship to re-route.


1) Giger’s Alien (1979, 20th Century Fox Japan VHS)
2) The Alien Legacy (1999, 20th Century Fox Alien Quadrilogy Collection)
3) The Beast Within: The Making of Alien (2003, 20th Century Fox SE DVD)
3) Bonus Content “Cutscene” from the 2003 SE DVD
4) About twenty seconds taken from the Theatrical Print found on the 2003 SE DVD, specifically Kane climbing up the Jockey platform wall & Ripley being blown off during the closing airlock scene.
5) Audio sampled from the Theatrical Print from that same source.
6) Scanned production stills from my collection of Alien-related media forms including some of the marvelous Alien trading card series by Topps.

(I believe there are other clips on certain Out of Print and/or overseas pressed sources which I’d love to track down. If anyone has more Planetoid scenes please give me a shout, we’ll trade up or something.)

This upload is part of a larger conceptual project exploring the influence ALIEN had upon my evolution as a visual artist. The footage will next be added to the relebat sequences from the Theatrical Print along with many other stills I have as an alternative method of “restoring” the Planetoid sequence without accessing a bootleg workprint (though my obsession with the film may see that happen yet) or using CGI generated video game footage. A projection of the “restored” video will then be used in a related art exhibit which may reproduce the Planetoid & Derelict on a smaller scale for viewers to experience for themselves. If we get the grant  :D  

NO INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. For artistic, historic, and demonstration purposes only. Please do not download this or any of my YouTube videos to distribute commercially, either via retail or private vending. They are shared here courtesy of Google for everyone to enjoy. Thank you!

If you like ALIEN and have not done so already *please* obtain your own legally purchased copy using the link to Amazon below or from your favorite movie outlet. It has not aged a day & remains a unique milestone in the development of our culture which shall likely never quite be equaled in our shared lifetimes. And if we keep buying it they may release more deleted or unused footage on subsequent pressings.

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