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Open Studios @ The Sam & Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts, New Berlin NY May 12 2016

The Sam & Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts
237 Bell Rd. New Berlin NY 13411

To learn more about the Foundation's residency program and how to apply, visit

So. This spring I served as the Chair for the Arts Committee on The One World Flowerfest, a now annual community arts event that serves as a function of the Oneida Square Project, an effort to revitalize the neigborhood around downtown Utica's Oneida Square. We began work on the festival the first week of February and it consumed pretty much all of my energy, time, patience, tenacity, skill, panache, diplomacy, and sense of humor for four months. The Golden Foundation were also very generous with donations of paints left over from their early spring residency and their faith in my ability to bring the project to fruition was vital. Thank you!

During that time this visit to the Foundation took place, and while culling the pictures together I am reminded of how much I enjoyed myself. I was picking up donations for the Flowerfest mural project as well so it was very much a work trip and I recall an instant sense of relief upon realizing that the artists were painting pictures. Of like, figurative ideas based on careful observation of real life settings. No offense to the Peelers and Weavers and Sculptors waxing up hunks of acrylics to make suspension bridges with -- Something I as an artist cannot relate to, other than to wonder how they got the notion in the first place.

Not that there's a THING WRONG with any of it, but I needed reassurance that I was not spending a life pursuing painting figurative works in an art universe that wants ... I don't know, massively intricate undersea artwork viewed on virtual reality interfaces rather than plain old fashioned paintings hanging on a wall. It's nice to know we're not passe after all, and it owned me to learn that one of these painters is pursuing a huge massive undersea art project meant to be viewed on virtual reality hookups. We can do both, it seems.

Jane's focus for the past few years has been on an ongoing project inspired by Bower Birds, who build these nests using aesthetic principles that are highly sophisticated. View in fullscreen mode for the collaged elements, which are not what they appear to be.

Jane James

Jane with her magnificent bower painting.

Castings for the collage bits in Jane's paintings. None of it are the objects themselves, but carefully created castings.

That's not a leaf, and hello Army Man. 

OK so one of us has a thing for Army Men. This made my month and I am not even sure why. That makes it art, and these castings are only bits to be used in paintings.

Jane James. She's working some project off the coast of Australia involving a reef, sunken artwork to be viewed via virtual reality, and James Cameron's cinematographer. I'd go do that for a spell, just to get to talk about it after. Australia! Wow.

A YouTube video with Kate and her artwork that will serve as a better introduction than my yammering: 

Kate Javens, and that is about the most amazing thing I have seen in a while. 
Pictures will never do it justice and I wish I could recall how she created them.

Over time. Lots of time.

Kate Javens

LOTS of bear studies, and yes I have a thing about bears too.

See, I saw a bear once much closer than I would prefer. Probably 22 or 23, was in the Adirondacks with my parents at the ESF campus where the Ralphster does his research work. Was happily sitting on a tree stump sketching the lakeside and noticed something moving off to the left, by the water. About forty feet away. Like it was digging. Then it stood up, I recognized it as an adult bear, and it was time to leave the woods.

Kate Javens

Kate Javens. 
To quote Oliver Reed "I like trees and boats. Start the interview."

Looking for a website for her! Check back ...

Franklin's excellent website:

Franklin Einspruch

Franklin Einspruch, and when we talked about this one he stressed how using a softer brown tone for the figure outlines literally softens the image on the eye, as opposed to the start contrast of a white or black line. Interesting.

Franklin Einspruch

Franklin Einspruch

Franklin Einspruch

Franklin Einspruch, and the QOR Watercolor study.

Franklin Einspruch, and the Golden's Acrylics final. 

Franklin Einspruch

With artist Franklin Einspruch! another valiant defender of the landscape, and he taught me about using other colors than black & white for outlining. Excellent, Sir.

Laurie Wilson! one of the local artists from the scene, radiantly beaming in on pure sunshine.


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