Wednesday, October 7, 2015

In the Cool August Moon: Kayla R. Cady & Steve Nyland @ The Dev, Utica NY August 2015

The Dev
41 Devereux St. Utica NY

Setup day.

Placement session with the Hero Wall grouping.

Kayla R. Cady, and I want that.

Steve Nyland

Last minute presentation solutions. Kayla did this show fresh back from a tour of Italy and I was still recovering from the block party show at the end of June, preparing for the Baseball show in Syracuse and coordinating the artwork for the Utica Music & Arts Fest.

Busy summer, and it's led me to coin the phrase "I only work with the ambitious and have come to find that they tend to already be rather busy."

Jennaland, for my homie Jenna North.

Kayla R. Cady

Kayla R. Cady

With The Dev's curator Dan Walter who consistently delivers interesting shows and knows how to work them on that wall. You bring the art, he does the rest. It works.



Artist Kathy Donovan and our man Prospero, one of the frequent faces who have always made me feel welcome at The Dev.

Artists Kathy Donovan and Kayla Cady, both of whom were part of the Broad Street Gallery & Hamilton Center for the Arts contingent during my co-op era there. Would spend my hours there studying the artwork and got ideas from both of their paintings which have found their way into current work. Hope to keep showing with them too, I like working with people who inspire me.

YES! With artists Kayla Cady, Kathy Donovan, Steven Specht, and "The Tooch".

With artist, psychologist and frequent Steve patron Steven Specht.


With artist and Utica advisor Cathy Marsh.

With artist, frequent collaborator and Utica homie Jenna North.

With artists and daughter/mother duo Sofia Perez and Lauren Bristol.

Hero Wall shot!

With artist, teacher and husband of Kayla, Jonathan Vaughn.

Heck yeah! I want a picture of that.

With Upstate Outlaws musician Michael Franz Illio.

With artist Rosa Olivieri.

Heyyyy here we go ...


Check her out playing the drums below ... What a place, this fine city of Utica.


With one of my patrons, and you're darn right I wanted a picture. Look at that purple!!

Techno rock band Draculatron rocking The Dev the week after our reception.


A screen thoughtfully put up in case any blood went flying, a very real concern given a band called Draculatron, who sounded exactly like their name.

The birthday gal with her birthday painting  ;>

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  1. Keep rockin the CNY, Steve--it's fun to get a peek at your projects and circle of compatriots!