Friday, February 20, 2015

Snow Shows: Allison Sarenski, Tommy Lincoln & the Public Arts Task Force, Syracuse NY February 19 2015

A look at the porch office my kind Utica host has permitted me to use while sharing space here. Unheated but never let that stop an artist. And indeed people persist in having art shows during February in Central New York. I had to once, scheduling issues made it a necessity, and damn near died, unwittingly destroyed artworks, alienated colleagues & lost friends. Never again. But others don't have that option, aren't in a position to say no, don't know any better, or ignore sanity and have their shows during the thick of it all. Four degrees, snowing, minus sixteen degree wind chill factor, and I'm going to an art opening?


First stop was the Onondoga County Petit Branch Library on Victoria Place in Syracuse where mom used to take us when we were kids. This time it was to see works by an artist named Allison Sarenski, who had just introduced herself to me through social media a few days before. First question out of my mouth was "Where have you been hiding these?"

To see more of Allison's art visit her website by clicking here.

Allison's very entertaining artist talk. I seriously had to get going, yet I stayed. It was too engrossing and gave me time to study that one with the yellow at middle, top left. Wish I'd had the nerve to stand on a chair and get a shot to include because it is very, very good.

Allison Sarenski

Allison Sarenski, detail.

Allison Sarenski

Allison Sarenski

Allison Sarenski, and I will see if she can send me a few pix of works from the show taken head-on, they are quite exceptional. 

With the artiste! Allison also has a background in performance and I just happen to be putting something together for the fall ... Has to do with humans in love with machines ...

Next stop was the new outlet of the Funk N Waffles chain down on South Clinton St. in downtown Syracuse's Armory Square area. The place sports a live music stage & full service bar, though my goal was to see a new set of works by FnW's resident artist Tommy Lincoln. Who had helped get painter Nate West and I the opportunity to do a mural at the Syracuse University branch of Funk N Waffles during the fall of 2012 (check prior blog posts at right for coverage).

Click here for the Funk N Waffles website with menu info and the fascinating story behind how the chain came into existence.

And click here for Tommy's public Facebook page for more of his art and a dose of freshness.

Tommy Lincoln, who also teaches design at Syracuse University.

Tommy Lincoln, and painted on a window.

Tommy Lincoln

Sporting Syracuse hat-hair waves with the artist.

Last stop was the Public Arts Task Force's Snow Show 2015 in an unoccupied office space on Jefferson St. just around the corner from Funk N Waffles.

The 8x8 inch panels the group auctions off every year. I liked the truck and the space ship.

One by my dear friend Angela Arrey-Wastavino.

Renee Fair, who introduced herself to me at the Winter Recipe reception at the Tech Garden last month. I want to see more!

And one by Allison Sarenski, about whom we can now say "She is everywhere."

Allison Sarenski, detail.

Allison Sarenski, detail.


Meanwhile, this has been growing in the back yard at mom's, see it every day when overnighting there while in Syracuse. I believe there is a picnic table under it all, the rest is up to your imagination.

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