Monday, July 15, 2013

Earthworks Art Experiment for the "Thirteen Directions" Group Show, BC Restaurant in Armory Square, Syracuse NY

Another video preview of the "Thirteen Directions" group exhibit at BC Restaurant, 247 W. Fayette St. in downtown Syracuse NY's Armory Square district. This one shows a preview of the earth installation art experiment I'm undertaking in the back courtyard patio. Last month one of the managers pointed to a bare patch of Mother Earth and said "I want art there." This is what I started with, the intention being a temporary element for the group show followed by something more permanent by an artist with experience in such matters. Kind of have one in mind ...

I had always wanted to do a little earth art project, Robert Smithson's "Spiral Jetty" being a favorite during my younger days. But I also wanted to help Utica Project U colleague Jenna North do something for the event, knowing she had prior commitments (huge show of her work currently at the Smithy in Cooperstown) and deeply inspired by her Wishing Well at an open studio event she hosted back in March.

Wendy Well and her pool at artist Jenna North's open studios event, constructed by Jenna and her studio partner, sculptor Patrick Vedder. Wendy's pool was illuminated by a video projector, ours will be by paste-on battery powered LED lamps but I have a vision of what I think will be the result. Some of Jenna's paintings will also be part of the gallery show inside of BC, and I hope she can concoct a magic potion to add to whatever I and the other artists can do with what's underway.

Spellbound by the wishing well, though as no open flames are allowed we'll be doing that part of it with solar powered walkway lights. Check back soon to see how we do! and here's the notification card again, with our reception on Thursday July 18 from 5pm to 8pm.

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