Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sculpture Space, Utica NY, "Works In Progress" Open Studios Event, March 22 2013

With artist Jenna North, a new inspiration & friend. Expect to hear more about Jenna and her paintings, they are quite nice!  ;D

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Project U Artist's Group, Warm-Up @ The Tramontane Cafe, Utica NY: Day Two, March 20 2013

This session co-incided with our March 20th Project U Artist's Group meeting once again at the Tram Cafe; I'd wanted as much of that group show up on the walls and in people's faces for this meeting just to get us talking about and focused on art & the artists again. I also wanted to have serious firm dates for an installation of work at the APAC Building -- seen above from north on Genesse St. on my way to the meeting from Syracuse -- to get them hungry for more.

Setting up office: Brought Macbook, printer, toolbox, framing hardware, chilled beverages and a nicer shirt for a portrait pix after everything was as done as possible.

The dedicated crew who made a point to be at my first meeting genuinely at the helm of this group, clockwise from the left: Jennifer Krawiec, Tom Martin, Myrhieah Oh, Erick Florez, Jenna North, Mark Dyson, Armin Rosic, John Paul Gardner, Cathy Marsh and Julie Angerosa.

Julie Angerosa after hanging her contributions between paintings by Tony Thompson & Jenna North's mixed media collages. Armin Rosic's drawings hang at far right, and behind Julie is half of Kathy Donovan's fantastic pastel + one of my zombies. High powered talent on display, and I'll work more pix of the "finished" exhibit after taking a break.

I did let myself get talked into visiting the nearby Dev Cafe on Devaraux Place along Genesse St. The Dev is operated by Tim Schramm, a local businessman and art/music enthusiast who had been serving as the pipeline between the Downtown Utica Development Association and the Project U group.  Monday the 18th was their pre-liquor license opening and I simply had to see what Tim had going on. Good thing too: He instructed me to ask for his Art Guy at the bar and book myself a show. HELL YEA!! and here's Project U crew Armin Rosic, Julie Angerosa and a shadowy & mysterious Jenna North at our table while I did a quick photo study of the place. Doable.

So, Steve Nyland at the Dev, August 2013 and I hope to show some of the older large scaled work that has been in storage since the Shoppingtown exhibit in June/July 2012. I'm also always open to the idea of dual/collaborative or group shows -- They always bring in a better cross section of viewers who end up spending money. Even if they don't buy art they buy drinks or lunch and that will do. I've also got somebody in mind already whom I'd really like to have a gig with, if she has time. Someone shadowy, mysterious, and prone to wearing warm fuzzy hats on strings ...

I'd also forgotten -- Tony Thompson had been commissioned to do the bathrooms at the Dev during their constructions and folks, they are a masterpiece. Hell I was feeling pretty good about the waffle shop mural until stumbling into this. Back to the drawing board.

I'll be back.

The de-facto notification card I cranked together while on an Amp purple drank fit, which veteran cardmistress Kathy Donovan will sweeten a bit for printing.

Syracuse area artist Steve Nyland with paintings by Nate West. 
Picture by Tram Cafe manager, Robin Raabe.