Saturday, January 31, 2015

"Winter Recipe" @ The Tech Garden Syracuse NY, Opening Reception January 29 2015

The Tech Garden
235 Harrison St.
Syracuse NY 13202

Opening night. Click here for a post on setup for the show.

Our hospitality zone awaiting its throng.

Final touches by Ashley Marie Bartlet, who helped curate the exhibit.

With artist Arianna Lynch! though in front of paintings by Doreen Simmons, how'd that work out.


With artist/designer Charlie Sam! one of my staunchest supporters within the Syracuse scene.

With artist Shaelish Joshi! who has never missed one of my shows, always a pleasure to visit with this gentleman.

With artist Kathryn Petrillo! expect to hear more about her artwork, she is unstoppable.

Artists Joan Applebaum and Ashley Marie Bartlet.

With my new friend Joanna! Painter from Brooklyn, hoping to find time for a studio visit next week.

And again ... I can do this all night, really. Very easily. 

With artist Missy Zawacki! who saved my bacon by taking over the hospitality center with husband Mike. Thank GOD they did, I have no recollection of pouring even one glass of wine.


Artists Christophe Ennis and Joan Applebaum discussing Chris' jaw dropping paintings.

With artist Holly K. Austin! and one of us needs a haircut.

Being shady characters with musician / performance artist Dan Wagner of Wagner 3000, back on his feet after a horrifying accident while working as a contractor. Been hoping to collaborate with Dan on something for ages & glad he's back on the scene! Yo.


With artist Laura H. Taylor, who was part of our muralfest at the Aud for Utica Music & Arts Fest in September.

With artiste Cat Gibbons! our second show together, expect to see more  ;]

With artist Emily Bender Murphy! the genius who turned me on to Neo Color II caran d'ache water soluble crayons in the fall of 2008. Ninety percent of my zombie paintings are caran d'ache with whatever acrylic mediums are available, a very important tip that's stuck with me!

Artist Emily Bender Murphy and Leslie Barnett, another of my staunchest supporters in the Syracuse arts continuum & has never missed a show.

With artist & curator Caroline Szozda McGowan! from the former Szozda Gallery at The Delevan Center in Syracuse and one of the sounding boards who helped me find direction at a time when it was needed most! Catching up will take place soon, so much has happened.

Mom & Dad, visiting with ceramist Gary Quirk and my old music teacher Charlotte Haas. Hoping a picture with mom & dad surfaces!

OH YEAH. With artist Jenn Massi, one of the Utica based contingent of artists I plan to bring to the Tech Garden in April, and from now on she takes the selfshot. That is HOT, and look for a blog post on Jenn's show from October in Utica by clicking here.

With artist Jenna North! My Utica homie and her work will also be included in the Utica group show at Tech Garden in April. Hoping she will have time to help me curate it as well, Jenna rocks, and look for coverage of her work in a Kirkland Art Center show which opened just last week by clicking here.

Some of the ongoing melee in front of Sherry Spann Allen's artwork, which is exactly why I put her first in the exhibit for viewers to encounter.



With artists Arianna Lynch & Cat Gibbons. Still want to have a dedicated white cube gallery show of their work either in Syracuse or Utica when the right space presents itself.

With Kevin, Arianna's dad and the one person who encompasses the term "card" better than anyone else I can think of. Kevin is a card, and my pleasure to show his kid's art whenever there's a chance.

Enjoying my job, with artists Doreen Simmons and Arianna Lynch. Doreen is a trip, attorney of the year at her legal practice in Syracuse and completely devoted to her painting. Whenever there's a spot I want her in whatever show is afoot.

With artist Karen Tashkovsky! whom I met via the shows we did at bc Restaurant and by golly she worked up a blog post on the exhibit, which you can find here:

The ongoing mayhem in the Ashley Marie & Missy Z. hall. I hear there's some still there ...

Artist Holly K. Austin with husband Seth.

With artist Joan Applebaum! So glad she was in this mix, lets do it again soon.

With artist Sherry Spann Allen! whose absolutely bizarre painted wood creations helped set the tone for the whole exhibit. Well done, Teach!

LOL! awww  ;]

I owe this man a case of cider! Many thanks bro.

With Tech Garden director of operations Lynn Hughes, and I think we worked pretty well together first time out! Stick around to see what comes together in April, just getting started here.

And one more with the lovely Joanna ... purrrr.

With my goodie! Prepared by Arianna Lynch and we're thinking up a way to get everyone's signature on it at a subsequent gathering of the artists which may involve some sort of panel discussion at the Tech Garden's auditorium.


Relaxing after the show at The Blue Tusk in Armory Square. Being a Waggoner Will who avoids alcohol I usually don't go to bars but this place was actually pretty mellow. Maybe I should go out more during blizzards.

You're damn right I wanted a picture of that!

Yeah ... This is fun  ;D  Like seriously, a year ago I had no idea just how to parlay the ambition I was feeling with actually finding a scene to thrive in. It found me.

And back home safely in my dad's driveway shortly prior to ending up face first in a Syracuse snowbank ... Which once I thought about it was the perfect conclusion to the evening.

For more on the exhibit including a look at the artworks click here for a post on our show prep.

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